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Targeting Residential Efficiency Programs Based on the Drivers of Demand
Conferences & Talks

Data Science for Sustainability Meetup

1 April 2015
Autogrid Systems, 255 Shoreline Drive, Suite 350
Redwood City, CA



6:30-7:00pm: Light refreshments
7:00-8:00pm: Talk + Q&A

In regulated markets, utilities are required to implement programs that result in a reduction of their customers' energy consumption. In competitive markets, utilities have a strong incentive to build customer loyalty by helping their customers understand and manage energy consumption. In either case, there is large value to be gained by a utility by understanding why some customers use more energy than others for certain appliances.

Building on energy usage data, PARC's EE-Scope is an analytics tool for utilities to design, target, and evaluate residential energy efficiency incentive and rebate programs.  Leveraging physics modeling and comparative statistics, EE-Scope metrics show the likely structural and behavioral reasons why some consumers use more energy than others for certain appliances. With EE-Scope, utilities can offer the right incentives to the right customers, boosting customer service and achieving energy savings at a lower cost than existing random or first-come first-serve offerings. 

We will show examples of how the tool works and discuss the framework for the R&D.