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Printed Flexible Electronics Systems
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TechConnect World 2015 Innovation Conference & Expo

17 June 2015
Gaylord National Hotel & Convention Center, Washington, District of Columbia



Printed, hybrid electronics systems are of significant interest for sensor systems, structural electronics and wearable devices. Printed flexible systems allow new form factors, complex shapes, and conformal devices. Printing electronics circuits is possible not only with functional materials but also with inks containing microchips. New levels of complexity become accessible, and printing also creates new openings for the progress of electronics itself. Over the last 50 years, silicon microelectronics advanced through shrinking device dimensions and compressing more and more functionality into tiny volumes. Printing opens up new ways of scaling electronics that are "More than Moore.".The additive nature of printing is an important enabler not only for rapid, on-demand fabrication but also to make use of materials efficiently.


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