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Microjet Array for Needle-free Biolistic Drug Delivery
Conferences & Talks

5th Annual Pre-filled Syringes Summit

24 June 2015
San Diego, California, USA



The development of new drug delivery methodologies focusing on precise targeting and dose control of the delivered payload has the potential to make significant contributions to the success of therapies. Particle-mediated molecule delivery (i.e. biolistics) is a promising non-invasive method for delivering payloads into cells or tissue. Particle based drug delivery uses mechanical force to penetrate into cells or tissue and thus a physical delivery approach that may enable simpler formulations and delivery strategies compared to biochemical techniques that require complex formulations. We describe a biolistic method with distinct characteristics that uses MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems)-based devices with a multitude of micron-size ejection nozzles arrayed in parallel to provide needle-free injections. Our device creates continuous and finely tunable jets of drug particles that have been gently entrained into high-speed gas jets, enabling an explosion-free biolistic delivery system. Our disposable microarray device design offers unique characteristics by providing particle jets with high spatial resolution, allowing sequential or concurrent delivery of a broad range of drug particles, and enabling controlled penetration profiles for targeting physical locations (such as epidermal Langerhans cells for vaccines delivery).