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Secure Fragmentation for Content Centric Networking
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19 October 2015
Dallas, Texas, USA



Information Centric Networks (ICN), such as Content Centric Networks (CCNx) or Named Data Networks (NDN) disseminate data using hierarchal names for each chunk of data, where a chunk is roughly the size of an IP datagram. To secure the named exchange, each chunk has a digital signature or a hash-based name. Because these datagrams may be much larger than a link MTU, there is a need for fragmentation, and to date several hop-by-hop, end-to-end, and mid-to-end fragmentation scheme have been proposed. Only one scheme, FIGOA, a cut-through mid-to-end fragmentation scheme (i.e. without reassembly) claims to be secure by using delayed authentication. We propose a secure cut-through fragmentation scheme derived from FIGOA that allows immediate validation. We also consider queuing and timing issues that were not discussed in FIGOA.