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Compliant High-Density Interconnect for Semiconductors and Optoelectronics
Conferences & Talks

PCB West 2015

16 September 2015
San Jose, California, USA



PARC’s research into microsprings for IC packaging and probing will be summarized. The springs are made with deposited metal thin films and are lithographically defined, capable of fine pitch (6µm demonstrated) and low profiles (<5µm). They have been used in commercial probe cards. PARC has focused on research for flip-chip packaging applications. The springs can be used for metal pad pressure contacts, enabling at-speed test of die in multi-chip modules before bonding. Such a capability could preclude the need for known good die and dramatically reduce the cost to produce multi-chip packages and modules. PARC’s other research related to electronic devices and packaging will also be briefly introduced, including micro-assembly, micro-coils, and 3D printing.