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Flexible Hybrid Sensor Systems
Conferences & Talks

IDTechEx Sensors USA 2015

19 November 2015
Santa Clara County Convention Center, Santa Clara, California



Printed, flexible, hybrid electronics are of significant interest for sensor systems, structural electronics and wearable devices. Printed flexible systems allow new form factors, complex shapes, and conformal devices. In particular, the inclusion of sensors in novel form factors or large areas has significant potential in areas such as environmental monitoring and chemical sensing.

This talk will describe some pilot projects being pursued at PARC towards real-life deployment. Low-cost sensor systems will make it possible to broaden the scope of the products and devices that will be part of the future of the Internet of Things. The technologies required for these sensor systems are a mix of novel sensors, printing processes, conventional microchips, flexible substrates and energy harvesting power solutions.

Also visit PARC's booth #F25 at Printed Electronics USA 2015, co-located with IDTechEx Sensors USA.