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PARC at Clean Energy Ministerial Startups & Solutions Showcase
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Clean Energy Ministerial

1 June 2016 - 2 June 2016
Union Square, San Francisco, California



Visit PARC’s booth at the Clean Energy Ministerial Startups & Solutions Showcase, an exhibition of companies and organizations from across the globe leading the world’s transition to a clean energy future. The Showcase will be a celebration of technology innovation and entrepreneurship – a bold display of the breakthrough technologies and startups that will transform the worldwide economy in the years and decades to come.
In our urbanizing world, congestion on our transportation networks represents an increasingly inefficient use of energy. An alternative to the developed world’s multiple car per household model will require a transportation system that matches people's needs with the diverse and evolving transportation resources available in each city. 
PARC will demonstrate COPTER (Collaborative Optimization and Planning for Transportation Energy Reduction), a personal window into the local transportation resources. It combines a micro-simulation model that quantifies energy use with personalized models to identify trip alternatives that maximize the expected citywide energy savings while maintaining personal level-of-service. These suggestions are pushed to individual travelers before they make their trip. If accepted, COPTER will then guide the traveler through the city's transportation network responding to unexpected events (e.g., accidents) and reporting to the user as well as the city the reductions in overall energy consumption. 

The Showcase takes place in a specially constructed exhibition tent on San Francisco’s Union Square.