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Novel Hybrid Sensor Systems
Conferences & Talks

Sensors Expo & Conference 2016

21 June 2016
San Jose, California, USA



Printed, flexible, hybrid sensor systems have a great potential for customized solutions in structural monitoring or wearables, where the form factor of devices is important. Arrays of sensors can be readily fabricated through printing, whilst data acquisition and communication are best performed by thin silicon microcircuits. Sensor arrays with combinatorial capabilities are especially powerful for accurate detection and selectivity. PARC has a long history of developing large area sensor arrays for detection of light, radiation or acoustic signals. More recently, our team has been focusing on the integration of large area electronics with chips. The resulting technologies now enable specialized smart labels, chemical sensors in cold chain logistics. Similar sensors can also be deployed in a network for use in infrastructure monitoring. A key enabler of these hybrid sensor systems is the ability to produce them on-demand, at low cost. Eliminating batteries and powering sensors wirelessly is also an interesting proposition.