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ALCHERA: A Hyperspectral Architecture That Enables Ubiquitous Imaging Spectroscopy
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Image Sensors Americas 2016

26 October 2016
San Francisco, California



The implications of a truly ubiquitous hyperspectral imaging technology are profound and cut across many domains of human activity, including agriculture, medicine, defense, and food security. Until now, the cost, size, and complexity of hyperspectral imagers and data analysis have prohibited the realization of this scenario. PARC’s revolutionary ALCHERA system (Actuation of Liquid Crystal for Hyperspectral Remote Analysis) has the potential to democratize hyperspectral imaging technology. It employs polarization interferometry through a liquid crystal cell to transform any imager into a hyperspectral sensor with full visible and near-infrared (400 nm – 1000 nm) spectral coverage. The resulting system is compatible with the size and cost requirements for inclusion in a mobile phone, and with its dynamic software configurability of spectral resolution, spatial resolution, and imaging speed, the system can enable truly portable, general-purpose hyperspectral imaging.