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Printed Carbon Nanotube Gas Sensor Arrays
Conferences & Talks

The 229th Electrochemical Society Meeting

1 June 2016



Authors David Eric Schwartz, Clinton Smith, Yong Zhang, Gabriel Iftime, Greg Whiting, Ion Matei, Meyya Meyyappan, Beomseok Kim Printed Carbon Nanotube Gas Sensor Arrays PARC is developing extremely sensitive room-temperature printed gas sensors based on arrays of modified carbon nanotubes (CNTs). The sensors are combined with electronics to form distributed gas sensing networks for applications including natural gas leak detection, equipment failure, industrial safety, and indoor air quality monitoring. The sensing materials comprise CNTs modified with coatings, chemical functionalization, and nanoparticles, to achieve sensitivity to a wide selection of gases including CH4, NH3, CO, H2S, and others. Advanced machine learning techniques allow gas identification and sub-ppm sensitivity. Digital printing of sensor materials on printed electrodes enables low-cost, simple customization of sensor design, and electrode layout. An overview of the project and recent experimental results will be presented.