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The Psychology of mHealth Systems
Conferences & Talks

IEEE International Conference on Healthcare Information

4 October 2016 - 7 October 2016
Chicago, Illinois



Health applications designed to foster healthy behavior changes using smartphones (mHealth) and other ubiquitous technologies provide great opportunities for projecting highly personalized support into everyday life at large economies of scale. These major advances in sensing, assessment, and coaching capabilities will revolutionize our scientific understanding of the psychology of individuals, providing a new foundation for helping people to achieve their goals for better health and wellness. In the near term, there is a need to replace the plethora of existing theories of individual health behavior change with integrated computational theories. Such computational theories can serve as a foundation for the optimization of digital interactions to the changing individual in their everyday ecology. I will draw upon recent research on dynamical theories of mHealth and argue that computational cognitive architectures can provide a foundation for a deeper understanding of the psychology of mHealth systems.