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Delivering the Unexpected Through Open Innovation Best Practices
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20 June 2018
Los Angeles, California



Technology is advancing faster than most of us imagined even a decade ago. From Artificial Intelligence to the Internet of Things, old and new, large and small companies are connecting the physical to the ever-changing and complex digital world. A lot is at stake for many companies. These transitions in a company’s life are often where they get stuck. This is exactly where Open Innovation can help, especially for companies who want to move beyond ideas to actually extending their core business into new markets.

To PARC, open innovation means drawing on global resources and working with a variety of partners to fill in gaps and accomplish goals. Not only has PARC been practicing open innovation for over a decade, but it has helped partners and clients take advantage of open innovation to succeed. In his presentation, Markus Larsson will walk the audience through the open innovation best practices that PARC has built and perfected, and will illustrate the practices through insightful case studies, showing how they’ve taken advanced technologies to advance their organizations’ goals.