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Technical Innovation's Role in Intelligence Reform
PARC Forum

series: Invention and Innovation

4 November 2004
George E. Pake Auditorium

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No abstract available. (Gilman prefers to speak off the cuff)


Gilman Louie, President and CEO, In-Q-Tel, Inc.

The challenge of creating an innovative, new business model aimed at enhancing national security convinced Gilman Louie to join In-Q-Tel as its first president and chief executive officer. In this role, Gilman has focused on refining and evolving In-Q-Tel's innovative model, identifying and exploring exciting new developments in technology, and, perhaps most importantly, helping deliver technologies into the CIA and the Intelligence Community that have the potential to make a strategic impact on the business of intelligence.

Gilman brings nearly two decades of diverse experience in strategic business development and product design to In-Q-Tel. As a pioneer in the interactive entertainment industry, Gilman's successes have included the Falcon, F-16 flight simulator, and Tetris which he brought over from the Soviet Union. Most recently, Gilman served as Hasbro Interactive's chief creative officer and general manager of the Games.com group.

Prior to joining Hasbro, Gilman served as chief executive at a number of corporations, including Nexa Corporation, Sphere, Inc., Spectrum HoloByte, Inc., and MicroProse, Inc., which was sold to Hasbro in 1998. During the course of his 20-plus years in the technology industry, he has managed mergers and acquisitions, developed a range of financing arrangements leveraging venture capital and the public markets, and negotiated major licensing deals while remaining actively engaged in the design and development of award-winning products and technologies.

Gilman previously served on the board of directors of several corporations and groups, including Wizards of the Coast, Total Entertainment Network, Direct Language, FASA Interactive. He is also on the board of the non-profit venture fund, NewSchools.org. He is a nationally-recognized leader and speaker in the fields of entertainment software, educational software, and translation and media services, and has established himself as an expert on the critical relationship between technology innovation and national security. Gilman completed the Advanced Management Program/International Seniors Management Program at Harvard Business School, and he received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from San Francisco State University.


In-Q-Tel is a private, independent, enterprise funded by CIA. Launched in 1999, In-Q-Tel's mission is to identify and invest in companies developing cutting-edge information technologies that serve United States national security interests. Working from an evolving strategic blueprint that defines the CIA's critical information technology needs, In-Q-Tel engages with entrepreneurs, established companies, researchers and venture capitalists to deliver technologies that pay out in superior intelligence capabilities for the CIA and the larger Intelligence Community.