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Leadership and Innovation in the Emerging Creativity Economy Conference

2 December 2005
8:30 AM
George E. Pake Auditorium, Palo Alto, California, USA



There are many approaches to systematically fostering creativity and innovation. After the passing of the dot.com bubble and the storm of innovation in the 1990's, Silicon Valley is at a crossroads. As the knowledge economy spreads globally, engineers, scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs in China, India and elsewhere are challenging the U.S. in innovation and entrepreneurship. Many people believe that a new creativity economy can help restore and maintain the edge of Silicon Valley and the U.S. at this crossroads.

Fostering creativity and innovation may require integrating best practices and approaches from many disciplines, in essence, re-inventing invention. While many business schools, books, and studies deal with such processes, this conference will stress the importance of the personal: leadership, group dynamics and the integration and transformation of each individual.

We will also look at Toyota, PARC, Stanford Biodesign, and other examples of productive innovation, as well as concrete techniques for creating, funding, protecting and developing new products and companies.

Join us to meet and to hear others who are driving the new creativity economy


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    One of the sessions will include a panel of PARC executives.

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