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Low-cost membrane-less water purification
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Tech Connect Summit

4 June 2008
Boston, Massachusetts, USA



Conventional municipal water treatment is a multi-stage process, requiring large amounts of land and/or expensive filtration processes. PARC has developed a compact, low-cost purification system that reduces maintenance down-time, increases throughput, decreases power consumption, and shrinks real estate requirements. Alternate applications exist for the core IP. Membrane filtration (MF) is the state of the art for removing particles from water, but it suffers from clogging and frequent down-time to back flush. Cyclone separators require sedimentation which results in long processing times and cannot address particles smaller than 70mm depending on transit time. Our technology will separate particles down to the 1-5um size range, does not need membranes, can address neutrally buoyant particles, and can operate continuously. Water utilities, membrane suppliers, and water solution providers will be potential clients. Advantages include: minimal clogging as our approach is self-cleaning; low cost of manufacturing and direct integration with existing pumping and plumbing infrastructure; lighter TSS loading on membranes elsewhere in the system; replacement for intermediate filtration steps; small footprint with elimination of flocculation and sedimentation – particularly valuable for growing capacity of existing facilities in urban areas; reduced coagulant dosage and elimination of most flocculant cost; and faster processing or reduced time between raw and finished water leading to reduced holding capacity.