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Growth beyond the core: fusing inside and outside knowledge to reach new markets
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CoDev 2008: Open Innovation – Key Levers for Business Growth & ROI

21 January 2008 - 23 January 2008
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA



As Open Innovation has been matured, the concept itself has expanded. Today, the most progressive companies have recognized the advantage of looking outside not only for technology, but also for complementary expertise to help them create or enter new markets. PARC, known for its role in creating much of modern computing, has been deep in the trenches of expertise-based relationships in the last six years. This talk will discuss the nuts-and-bolts of PARC's recent work with both multinational corporations and new ventures. The cases will include a summary of the important lessons for making expertise-based engagements successful, particularly in developing new market opportunities. It will also touch on PARC's own transition from corporate research lab to cross-industry business catalyst.


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