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The future of the internet
Conferences & Talks

Workshop: big ideas with potential to substantially change the internet

3 September 2009
Washington, District of Columbia, USA



The goal of this workshop is to consider some of the ideas that would address the congressional goals but that do not fit neatly into any of the other workshops, in part because the ideas cross so many different topics. The workshop will also be an opportunity to consider some of the ideas that came up in earlier workshops but that deserve particular additional attention. In addition, this workshop will be a forum for considering the impact of developments over a longer time period that are important for the United States reclaiming and maintaining its leadership in broadband.

PARC Research Fellow, Dr. Van Jacobson, will be giving a panel talk titled One version of networking's future

Some of the other topics will be:

  • What might unmanaged (i.e. “over the top”) Internet TV become, and what would be the implications if it becomes popular?
  • How can broadband Internet be used to maximum advantage as a medium of education and information?
  • What might the Internet architecture look like in 10-20 years?
  • What might competition look like in a fiber-to-the-premises world?
  • How vulnerable is the Internet, how vulnerable are its users, and can we improve protection?
  • Are there new spectrum management policies that might make more spectrum available for broadband?