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Automatic generation of a floorplan by walking with a backpack-mounted 3D camera
Craig Eldershaw, Presenter, David Garcia, Julia Liu, Ying Zhang, Kelly Coupe
FIREHOUSE Software Education and Training Seminar (FHETS)
29 September 2011 | Fort Worth, TX  












Workshop on Hybrid Pervasive/Digital Inference
Kurt Partridge, Organizer, Oliver Brdiczka, Organizer
International Conference on Pervasive Computing (PERVASIVE 2011)
12 June 2011 | San Francisco, CA  






Best Practices in Information and Analytics
Ajay Raghavan, Panelist
8 March 2011 | Palo Alto, CA  
this event is closed to the public





CIorg - Collective Intelligence In Organizations: Tools and Studies
Gregorio Convertino, Ed H. Chi
7 November 2010  








Autonomous multi-agent search and rescue: algorithms and experiments
Gabe Hoffmann, poster presenter
Robotics Science and Systems Conference
28 June 2009 - 1 July 2009 | Seattle, WA  


Control in printing systems: modular reconfigurable paths
Haitham Hindi, Chair, Lara Crawford, Organizer
2009 American Control Conference -- ACC2009
10 June 2009 - 12 June 2009 | St. Louis, MO  



Decentralized cooperative collision avoidance for acceleration constrained vehicles
Gabe Hoffmann
9 December 2008 - 11 December 2008 | Cancun, Mexico  


19th international workshop on principles of diagnosis
Johan de Kleer, Bob Price, Lukas Kuhn, Minh Do, Rong Zhou
Program [pdf]
22 September 2008 - 24 September 2008 | Blue Mountains, Australia