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Innovation and AI
Tolga Kurtoglu
Web Summit
5 November 2017 | Lisbon, Portugal  


Bringing Reliable (and Transparent) AI to Business (Keynote)
Tolga Kurtoglu, Keynote Presenter
ROBO Business
28 September 2017 | Santa Clara, CA  


AI’s Impact on Industry (Keynote Power Panel)
Tolga Kurtoglu, Moderator
ROBO Business
28 September 2017 | Santa Clara, CA  






Next Frontier of AI
Tolga Kurtoglu
Digitalage17 Summit
3 May 2017 - 4 May 2017 | Istanbul, Turkey  





Dawn of the Labs: The Next Gen of Tech Innovation
Marzieh Nabi, Panelist
10 March 2017 - 19 March 2017 | Austin, TX  









CTO Forum
Jatinder Singh
Read More
13 February 2015 | East Palo Alto, CA  





The ConFab
Janos Veres
Read More
25 June 2014 | NV  




Xconomy - Napa Summit 2014
Lawrence Lee
Learn More
3 June 2014  
this event is closed to the public


Development 2014
Jatinder Singh
Read More
5 May 2014  





mediaX - The Global Innovation Leadership Program
Mike Steep
Read More
17 February 2014 - 20 February 2014 | Palo Alto, CA  



CTO Forum: Rethink Technology
Jatinder Singh
Read More
7 February 2014 | East Palo Alto  


FT Innovate
Stephen Hoover, CEO, PARC
Industry Innovation Insights
5 December 2013 | Palo Alto, CA  



Gartner Symposium/ITxpo
Stephen Hoover
Read More
11 November 2013 | Barcelona, Spain  


MediaX - Well-Being in a Globally Interconnected World
Mike Steep
Read More
6 November 2013 | Palo Alto, CA  


Forrester's Forum for CMOs and CIOs
Lawrence Lee, Senior Director of Strategy, PARC
Meet The Digital Disruptors
29 October 2013 | Napa, CA  
this event is closed to the public



EmTech 2013
Stephen Hoover
Advanced Manufacturing
10 October 2013 | Cambridge, MA  









Morgan Stanley EMEA CTO Summit
Stephen Hoover
12 February 2013 | London, England  
this event is closed to the public


Techonomy 2012
Stephen Hoover
Featured Speaker
12 November 2012 | Tucson, AZ  









Licensing Startups
Damon Matteo
Licensing Executives Society 2012 Winter Meeting
12 March 2012 | Anaheim, CA  


Singularity University's Exponential Technologies Executive Program
Stephen Hoover, Invited Participant
Singularity University updated link
2 March 2012 - 4 March 2012 | Los Angeles, CA  
this event is closed to the public



The Mindscape and the Evolving Marketplace
Tamara St. Claire, Invited Speaker
6 February 2012 | Palo Alto, CA  
this event is closed to the public



Stephen Hoover, Invited Participant
Techonomy TE11/Tucson
14 November 2011 | Tucson, AZ  



Motorola Scientific and Advisory Board Associates (SABA) Annual Conference
Stephen Hoover, keynote speaker
2 November 2011  
this event is closed to the public




How to innovate in a rapidly changing world: From networks...to networking
Stephen Hoover, Keynote
Sierra Ventures 6th Annual CIO Summit
11 October 2011 - 12 October 2011 | East Palo Alto, CA  
this event is closed to the public


Xconomy's "Meet the Xconomists"
Stephen Hoover, Invited Participant
19 September 2011 | San Francisco, CA  
this event is closed to the public




Innovation Trends
Stephen Hoover, Keynote speaker
18 August 2011 | Palo Alto, CA  
this event is closed to the public


Next-generation Mobile
Stephen Hoover, Panelist
Fortune Brainstorm TECH
20 July 2011 | Aspen, CO  


What's Next?
Tamara St. Claire, Panelist
Technology CEO Council 2011 Policy Retreat
23 June 2011 | San Francisco, CA  
this event is closed to the public


The Role of the Chief IP Officer 2015
Damon Matteo
IP Business Congress 2011
21 June 2011 | San Francisco, CA  



Intellectual Property in the Knowledge Economy
Damon Matteo, Plenary Panelist
CIP Forum 2011
31 May 2011 | Gothenburg, Sweden  


Managing disruptive innovation
Tamara St. Claire, VP of Global Business Development
Front End of Innovation 2011
16 May 2011 | Boston, MA  


Evolving Corporate Perspectives on IP Monetization
Damon Matteo, Panelist
Practicing Law Institute
5 May 2011 | San Francisco, CA  


Contemplating the Current Patent System: Is it Better to Dominate or to Innovate?
Chris Hinds, Consultant Patent Engineer, Damon Matteo, VP &Chief Intellectual Property Officer, PARC
IQPC's 7th Patent Strategies Summit
28 April 2011 | East Palo Alto, CA  




Creating opportunities in turbulent times
Damon Matteo, Opening Speaker
LES Winter Meeting: Spotlight on High Technology
10 February 2011 | San Jose, CA  



Leading Innovation: Rethinking Boundaries
Mark Bernstein, Panelist
Leading Innovation: Rethinking Boundaries
27 October 2010 | Durham, NC  



The Economist Innovation Summit: Fresh Thinking for the Ideas Economy
Mark Bernstein, Panelist
The economics of innovation
23 March 2010 - 24 March 2010 | Berkeley, CA  


Global High Tech Summit 2010
Mark Bernstein, Keynote Speaker
Hosted by Microsoft
11 February 2010 | Santa Clara, CA  




New business value from research Innovation at PARC
Mark Bernstein
12 September 2008 | Palo Alto, CA  


"What’s Next?" panel moderated by Wall Street Journal columnist Lee Gomes
Mark Bernstein
26 February 2008 | Redwood City, CA