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Art @ PARC: Rochelle Ford, Art Reclamation Series
14 January 2013 - 29 March 2013  




PE USA 2012
Janos Veres
Printed Logic Circuits
6 December 2012 | Santa Clara, CA  





Techonomy 2012
Stephen Hoover
Featured Speaker
12 November 2012 | Tucson, AZ  













EPIC 2012
Aki Ohashi, Luke Plurkowski, Makiko Taniguchi, Erik Vinkhuyzen
EPIC 2012
14 October 2012 - 17 October 2012 | Savannah, GA  


Armin Volkel, Presenter, Ben Hsieh, Author, Norine Chang, Author, Ashutosh Kole, Author
BioEnergy Research
12 October 2012 | New Orleans, LA  





Commercializing Campus Technology
Mark Stephenson, Panelist
1 October 2012 | New Orleans, LA  


GigaOM Mobilize
Ellen Isaacs, presenter
Hidden Opportunities: Ethnography in Mobile
20 September 2012 | San Francisco, CA  







Priya Mahadevan, PARC, co-chair, Van Jacobson, PARC, co-chair
CCNx Community Meeting
12 September 2012 - 13 September 2012, France  




Printed Circuits and Sensors for Flexible Electronic Devices
Gregory Whiting, Invited Talk, Tse Nga (Tina) Ng, Author, Leah Lucas Lavery, Author, David Eric Schwartz, Author, Jurgen Daniel, Author, Scott Uhland, Author, Beverly Russo, Author, Brent Krusor, Author, Janos Veres, Author
International Conference on Flexible and Printed Electronics
6 September 2012 | Tokyo, Japan  













































Heterogeneous Integration with Microsprings
Eugene Chow, Presenter, Chris Chua, Author, Dirk De Bruyker, Author
DARPA Proposers Day Workshop for DAHI BAA
17 April 2012 | Arlington , DC  







Merging Technologies into Commercial Opportunities
Janos Veres, Presenter, Markus Larsson, Director of Business Development
Printed Electronics Europe 2012
4 April 2012 - 4 April 2012 | Berlin, Germany  


How Open Is the Open Web?
Jatinder Singh
Data 2.0 Summit
3 April 2012 | San Francisco, CA  



Flexible and Printed Electronic Sensing Systems
Gregory Whiting, Invited Talk, Tse Nga (Tina) Ng, Author, Jurgen Daniel, Author, Scott Uhland, Author, Leah Lucas Lavery, Author, Janos Veres, Author, Brent Krusor, Author, Beverly Russo, Author
Design West: Sensors in Design
29 March 2012 | San Jose, CA