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Inferring Personality of Online Gamers by Fusing Multiple-View Predictions
Jianqiang Shen, Author, Oliver Brdiczka, Author, Nic Ducheneaut, Nick Yee, Bo Begole
The 20th conference on User Modeling, Adaptation, and Personalization (UMAP 2012)
16 July 2012
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Context: the challenge... and the opportunities
Oliver Brdiczka, PARC, Phil Constantinou, Evernote, Chris Holmes, Meshin, Dave Peck, moderator
19 April 2012 | George E. Pake Auditorium, PARC
PARC Forum  


Health Tech Investment Landscape: Outlook for 2012 (Panel)
John Tripier, Panelist
SV Forum
15 February 2012 | South San Francisco, CA
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Addressing Challenges in Unified Cross Platform and Scalable Architecture (Panel)
Jatinder Singh, Director of Mobile Innovation Strategy at PARC
CTO Forum
8 December 2011 | San Francisco, CA
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Motorola | Kopin Golden-i Entrepreneurship Session
Tim Curley, Director of Business Development, PARC, Mitch Maiman, President, Intelligent Product Solutions
Motorola Golden-i Partner Conference 2011
16 November 2011 | New York, NY
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