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Printed Circuits and Sensors for Flexible Electronic Devices
Gregory Whiting, Invited Talk, Tse Nga (Tina) Ng, Author, Leah Lucas Lavery, Author, David Eric Schwartz, Author, Jurgen Daniel, Author, Scott Uhland, Author, Beverly Russo, Author, Brent Krusor, Author, Janos Veres, Author
International Conference on Flexible and Printed Electronics
6 September 2012 | Tokyo, Japan
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Ink and Substrate Interactions in Printed Field-effect Transistors
Gregory Whiting, Invited Talk, Tse Nga (Tina) Ng, Author, Brent Krusor, Author, Beverly Russo, Author, Janos Veres, Author
Printing Electronics - Ink and Substrate Interactions
2 August 2012 | Kalamazoo, MI
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Heterogeneous Integration with Microsprings
Eugene Chow, Presenter, Chris Chua, Author, Dirk De Bruyker, Author
DARPA Proposers Day Workshop for DAHI BAA
17 April 2012 | Arlington , DC
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Photonix 2012 -- visit PARC's booth
Naoki "Nick" Kanamaru, Business Development, Miyuki Ryder, Product Marketing
11 April 2012 - 13 April 2012
Tokyo, Japan


Inkjet printed organic circuits for addressing non-volatile memory
Tse Nga (Tina) Ng, David Eric Schwartz, Leah Lucas Lavery, Gregory Whiting, Beverly Russo, Brent Krusor, Janos Veres
2012 MRS Spring
10 April 2012
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