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Fraud Detection for Healthcare
Hoda Eldardiry, Julia Liu, Ying Zhang, Markus Fromherz
KDD2013 Workshop on Data Mining for Healthcare
11 August 2013
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Characterizing User Behavior and Information Propagation on a Social Multimedia Network
Oliver Brdiczka, Author, Jianqiang Shen, Author, Julia Liu, Author
International IEEE Workshop on Social Multimedia Research (SMMR)
15 July 2013 | San Jose, CA
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Understanding Email Writers: Personality Prediction from Email Messages
Jianqiang Shen, Author, Oliver Brdiczka, Author, Julia Liu, Author
International Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization (UMAP) 2013
10 June 2013 | Rome, Italy
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Automatic generation of a floorplan by walking with a backpack-mounted 3D camera
Craig Eldershaw, Presenter, David Garcia, Julia Liu, Ying Zhang, Kelly Coupe
FIREHOUSE Software Education and Training Seminar (FHETS)
29 September 2011 | Fort Worth, TX
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Ubiquitous Meeting Facilitator with Playful Real-time User Interface
Ying Zhang, Presenter, Marshall Bern, Author, Julia Liu, Author, Kurt Partridge, Author, Bo Begole, Author
8th IEEE Conference on Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing - Building Smart Worlds in Real and Cyber Space
2 September 2011 | Banff, Canada
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Real-time Outline Mapping for Mobile Blind Robots
Julia Liu, Ying Zhang
IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation
10 May 2011 | Shanghai, China
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