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Licensing Startups
Damon Matteo
Licensing Executives Society 2012 Winter Meeting
12 March 2012 | Anaheim, CA
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The Role of the Chief IP Officer 2015
Damon Matteo
IP Business Congress 2011
21 June 2011 | San Francisco, CA
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Intellectual Property in the Knowledge Economy
Damon Matteo, Plenary Panelist
CIP Forum 2011
31 May 2011 | Gothenburg, Sweden
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Evolving Corporate Perspectives on IP Monetization
Damon Matteo, Panelist
Practicing Law Institute
5 May 2011 | San Francisco, CA
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Contemplating the Current Patent System: Is it Better to Dominate or to Innovate?
Chris Hinds, Consultant Patent Engineer, Damon Matteo, VP &Chief Intellectual Property Officer, PARC
IQPC's 7th Patent Strategies Summit
28 April 2011 | East Palo Alto, CA
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Creating opportunities in turbulent times
Damon Matteo, Opening Speaker
LES Winter Meeting: Spotlight on High Technology
10 February 2011 | San Jose, CA
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