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Advanced Battery Electrode for High Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries
Chang-Jun Bae, Presenter, Ranjeet Rao, Author, Corie L. Cobb, Author, Alexandra Rodkin, Author, Eric Shrader, Author
2012 NASA Aerospace Battery Workshop
6 November 2012 | Huntsvill, AL
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Functional printing by focused flow co-extrusion
Dave Fork, Invited Talk, Karl Littau, Scott Solberg, Ranjeet Rao, Marco Prondzinski, Andre Kalio, Dave Duff, Craig Eldershaw, Alan Lewis
5 March 2010 | San Jose, CA
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Electrical performance tests on multi-crystalline silicon solar cells printed with extrusion, a novel metallization technology
Andre Kalio, Poster Session and Proceedings, F. Bamberg, Scott Solberg, Marco Prondzinski, Ranjeet Rao, D. H. Neuhaus, Dave Fork
24th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition
21 September 2009 - 25 September 2009 | Hamburg, Germany
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