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Keynote: Content-Centric Networking -- Achieving Efficiency Without Compromising Web Privacy
Teresa Lunt, Keynote Presenter, Tim Curley, Director of Business Development
Hollywood IT Summit 2012
2 March 2012 | Malibu, CA
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Motorola | Kopin Golden-i Entrepreneurship Session
Tim Curley, Director of Business Development, PARC, Mitch Maiman, President, Intelligent Product Solutions
Motorola Golden-i Partner Conference 2011
16 November 2011 | New York, NY
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Telecom Council Service Provider Forum
Tim Curley, PARC host, Patrick Paik
28 October 2011
PARC | Palo Alto, CA


Mobile Monday - Spotlight Japan (hosted at PARC)
Tim Curley, PARC host
16 May 2011