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WEFTEC 2012 -- visit PARC's booth
Norine Chang, Ben Hsieh, Ashutosh Kole, Mark Stephenson
1 October 2012 - 3 October 2012 | New Orleans, LA
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Innovative Technology for Algae Dewatering
Armin Volkel, Ben Hsieh, Norine Chang, Ashutosh Kole, Kai Melde
21 June 2012 | Santa Clara, CA
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A novel hydrodynamic separation technology for algae dewatering
Ben Hsieh, Presenter, Norine Chang, Presenter, Ashutosh Kole, Presenter, Armin Volkel
The 2nd International Conference on Algal Biomass, Biofuels and Bioproducts
10 June 2012
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WEFTEC 2011: The Water Quality Event
Mark Stephenson, Leon Wong, Norine Chang, Ben Hsieh, Armin Volkel
84th Annual Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference
17 October 2011 - 19 October 2011 | Los Angeles, CA
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Innovative Technology for Selective Contaminant Removal
Armin Volkel, Presenter, Norine Chang, Ashutosh Kole, Ben Hsieh
TechConnect World 2011
15 June 2011 | Boston, MA
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Novel, low energy, compact hydrodynamic separation technology for industrial application
Ashutosh Kole, Presenter, Meng Lean, Author, Norine Chang, Author, Jeonggi Seo, Author, Armin Volkel, Author, Ben Hsieh, Author, Frank Torres, Author
American Filtaration Society's Annual Spring Meeting
10 May 2011 | Louisville, KY
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Innovative Technology for Produced Water Treatment
Meng Lean, Presenter, Jeonggi Seo, Author, Ashutosh Kole, Author, Armin Volkel, Author, Norine Chang, Author, Ben Hsieh, Author
Filtech 2011
22 March 2011 | Wiesbaden
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Innovative Technology for Produced Water Treatment
Meng Lean, Presenter, Jeonggi Seo, Norine Chang, Ashutosh Kole, Ben Hsieh, Armin Volkel
20th Annual Produced Water Society Annual Seminar
20 January 2010 - 22 January 2010 | Houston, TX
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Innovative hydrodynamic clarification for water treatment
Meng Lean, presenter, Ashutosh Kole, Jeonggi Seo, Armin Volkel, Norine Chang, Ben Hsieh, Kai Melde
Singapore International Water Convention (SIWW) 2009
24 June 2009, Singapore
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Accelerated aggregation kinetics and hydrodynamic floc separation for municipal water treatment
Meng Lean, Presenter, Ashutosh Kole, Armin Volkel, Norine Chang, Jeonggi Seo, Ben Hsieh, Kai Melde
American Water Works Association (AWWA) Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE) 2009
16 June 2009 | San Diego, CA
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