2015年 1月 19日
新丸の内ビル オフィスゾーン9階 新丸ビル・コンファレンススクエア Room902A, 東京都千代田区丸の内1-5-1


PARC 特別セミナー

by Dr. Johan de Kleer, Co-inventor of Qualitative Reasoning and Model-Based Diagnosis
(with Japanese interpretation)

ユビキタス・センシングなどコンピュテーションと通信技術の急速な進歩により、人工的・物理的なサイバーフィジカルシステムすなわちエンジニアードシステム(engineered systems)のライフサイクル管理には、これまでにないほどの機会がもたらされています。





■ 全体の概要:

形式:     1時間半のセミナー
日時:     2015年01月19日(月)10:00~11:30 (終了しました)
会場:     新丸の内ビル(東京都千代田区丸の内1-5-1)オフィスゾーン9階
                新丸ビル・コンファレンススクエア Room902A
参加費: 無料
定員     :30名

■ スケジュール:

15 min:  Introductions, Mr. Aki Ohashi, Director of Business Development, PARC
45 min:  Main Presentation (with Japanese translation), Dr. Johan de Kleer, Area Manager, PARC
30 min:  Question and Answer

■ お申し込み: へお名前と御社名をお願いします。


■ About Johan de Kleer

Dr. de Kleer is Area Manager and Research Fellow in the System Sciences
Laboratory at PARC.  He co-invented the field of Qualitative Reasoning
and continues to publish widely on topics including temporal reasoning,
abstraction and modeling.  He invented the Assumption-Based Truth
Maintenance System (ATMS) which is widely used in model-based diagnosis,
constraint solvers, configurators (in SAP and Oracle), and inspired the
packing structures used in the LFG grammar used by the PARC spinout,

Dr. de Kleer invented the field of model-based diagnosis - most current
model-based systems trace their roots to the General Diagnosis Engine
invented at PARC (with Brian C. Williams).  GDE uses packed structures
to concisely represent alternatives while performing differential
diagnosis.  In order to scale this system to diagnose 10000s of
components he invented the Hybrid Truth Maintenance System (HTMS) which
has the ambiguity packing capability of the ATMS while avoiding the
performance limitations of the ATMS. Dr. de Kleer is active in the fields
of large-scale inference, qualitative reasoning, knowledge
representation, model-based diagnosis and truth maintenance systems.

Dr. de Kleer was the PARC PI for the DARPA Deep Green project (BAE
prime).  Dr. de Kleer is the PARC PI for the DARPA META project (BAE
prime).  He received his Ph.D., Artificial Intelligence EECS, 1979,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, S.M., Computer Science EECS, 1975,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, B.Sc. (Honours), Mathematics and
Computer Science, University of British Columbia, Canada.