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Julia Liu in the news



Sensor robots to aid military in recon missions [video]
3 January 2011 | SmartPlanet

"PARC...developing robots to help soldiers in urban combat and civilians on rescue missions. The sensor robots are equipped with infrared bump and odometry sensors, which make it possible for the robots to create digital maps of any rooms they enter."


'Smart' Fitting Room Suggests What to Wear
23 January 2008 | Discovery Channel/ Discovery News
by Tracy Staedter

"..a dressing room equipped with cameras and interactive displays could lead to intelligent fitting rooms that connect shoppers to a social fashion network... 'The system improves [a shopper's]...shopping experience,' said Wei Zhang. Zhang developed the system with Takashi Matsumoto of Keio University and Juan Liu, Maurice Chu and Bo Begole of PARC."