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Could content-centric networking provide a profitable future?
4 April 2012 | European Communications

"When Van Jacobson has something to say, people tend to listen. His algorithms for the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) helped solve the problem of internet congestion and enabled it to survive a major traffic surge in 1988-89 without collapsing. Jacobson is currently a research fellow at PARC, the company that invented ethernet, and is warning telcos that new problems lie on the horizon.

...Thanks to the strain on their networks, telcos are well aware of the content revolution underway; however, Jacobson said the 'fixes' they have used to handle the shift will not last forever. ...The ENC has brought together a range of partners to work on PARC’s answer to this problem: content-centric networking."


Want to Test Next-Gen Network Architecture that May Save Mobile Networks? Get an Android
24 November 2010 | ReadWriteWeb
by Sarah Perez

"Have you heard of CCN? CCN is an open-source implementation of 'content-centric networking' or more commonly 'named data networking.' It's a technology being actively developed by PARC, formerly Xerox PARC, the birthplace of computing mainstays like the PC, Ethernet, laser printing and the graphical user interface. So what's CCN? It's an alternative idea about how computer networking should work - and it could very well one day be the future of Internet communications, most importantly, mobile networks...

CCN could one day roll out alongside or on top of IP - it wouldn't have to be a case of either/or. For use on the Internet, all that's needed is its integration into the routers and networking equipment that move data packets across the net. That's no small thing, however. CCN is likely years and years away from real-world use. But clients testing PARC's software solution, the open source technology hosted at CCNX.org, are just 18 months to 2 years from using it commercially."