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Hyperspectral Cameras See Better Than You Can
If PARC comes through, your cell phone will see things as humans never could
6 November 2015 | INVERSE
by Ian Stark

Imagine a phone that can tell which apple of a bunch is the ripest, or if that steak being sold at a discount is so cheap because it’s not so fresh — hyperspectral cameras can see these kinds of things, realities of the physical world but only visible in wavelengths of light invisible to the naked human eye.

The PARC plan is to make such cameras happen by adding a tiny layer of liquid crystal (about the thickness of a human hair) to image sensors already at work in current devices, providing hyperspectral ability. If all goes as planned, the phone in your pocket may soon have the capability to receive new truths about your personal world that had previously flourished right in front of you, unnoticed.


PARC showcases business models, not products, at 10 year anniversary
29 April 2012 | Ars Technica
by Nathan Mattise

"The message of the day was clear with the first words to greet guests at the registration table (via both conference workers and a commemorative bookmark). 'Just wanted to let you know, "Xerox PARC" is so 10 years ago. Today, we're "PARC, a Xerox company".' 

PARC's Power of 10 is a year-long series of events, including public-friendly guest presentations and this half-day conference, to commemorate the company's first ten years of independent operation. In 2002 Xerox incorporated PARC as an independent, wholly owned subsidiary, shifting the R&D pioneers toward an open innovation business model that took center stage on Thursday.

...Chesbrough's point was best emphasized after his presentation. The rest of the afternoon featured panels with representatives from a few PARC-collaborators. They all shared their projects, but the most eye-catching were Nicole Tricoukes, Senior Maverick at Motorola Solutions, and Davor Sutija, CEO of Thin Film."