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Hoda Eldardiry in the news



PARC Computer Scientist Hoda Eldardiry: Her Ph.D. and Her Research (video)
9 September 2016 | The Computing Research Association

The Computing Research Association (CRA) and its education committee (CRA-E) produced videos of young researchers with Ph.D.s who are now working in industry. PARC Computer Scientist Hoda Eldardiry was selected to share her thoughts about pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science and her research on predictive analytics, using machine learning and data mining.


The Magic of Creating the Future (video)
8 July 2016

A philosophy running through Xerox is "the best way to predict the future is to invent it." PARC was established with the mission to create the office of the future. Laser printers, Ethernet, graphical user interfaces, digital telephones, and safe downloading of music and movies were some of the resulting innovations that have changed the way we work. We also partner with our customers to co-invent and rely on interdisciplinary research to innovate solutions.


Panic button: How wearable tech and VR are tackling the problem of panic attacks
Experiments in bringing anxiety apps and breathing techniques closer to the action
3 December 2015 | Wareable
by Andrew Williams

There's a definite trend for panic attack relief wearables which all seem to exploit the most common technique for dealing with the issue as it occurs: slow, measured breathing.

There's also research being done on identifying panic attacks before they set in. We talked to Jonathan Rubin of PARC, a research company based in Palo Alto, that published a white paper in September on precisely that: a panic attack-identification wearable. The crux: Rubin says that while panic attacks appear to come from nowhere, there are early warning signals beforehand. Rubin talked us though the idea.


Immigration Rx for Women: Maximum Strength
11 November 2015 | Huffington Post
by Fiona Citkin

Hoda Eldardiry, from Egypt: Resilience in Action

At age 15, this passionate poetry paramour dreamed about going into the sciences for a career--but she happened to be born in the wrong country where such dreams seldom come true for women. Today, Hoda Eldardiry, Ph.D., s a research scientist at Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), a Xerox Company, in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining and knowledge discovery. She also serves on the Xerox Innovation Group Women's Council and is active in the US high-tech community.