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Alex Hegyi in the news



A New Technology Sees Through Walls — and May Save Your Life Someday
A hyper spectral camera could let smartphones find counterfeit money or spot the ripest peach.
2 November 2016 | The Fiscal Times
by Jacqueline Leo

I met Alex Hegyi, one of MIT Technology Review's 2016 “Innovators Under 35,” at EmTech, a conference held at MIT’s Media Lab. He said his goal was to make hyperspectral technology “cheaper than anything that's out there and also small enough to fit inside a cellphone. That could dramatically change the way just about anyone looks at the world.”


A new type of camera could let smartphones find counterfeit drugs or spot the ripest peach.
23 August 2016 | MIT Technology Review
by Rachel Metz

No matter how good your smartphone camera is, it can show you only a fraction of the detail Alex Hegyi can with the one he’s built at Xerox’s PARC in Palo Alto, California. That’s because Hegyi’s camera also records parts of the spectrum of light that you can’t see.

(MIT Technology Review named Alex Hegyi as one of 2016's "Innovators Under 35.")


Most Impressive Young Innovators to Watch
Check out the people who are spinning the science and tech fields forward.
23 August 2016 | Inc.
by Kevin J. Ryan

Meet the next generation of world changers.

MIT Tech Review revealed its 35 Innovators Under 35 today, highlighting disruptors and advanced thinkers in a variety of fields. The science- and tech-focused list included several winners in the health and medicine fields, plus a few people innovating in rapidly expanding fields like drones and artificial intelligence.  ...winners include (PARC's) Alex Hegyi, who invented an invented an advanced consumer camera that detects things like counterfeit drugs and spoiled food.


Seven Current and Former UC Berkeley Engineers Named Top Innovators Under 35
23 August 2016 | UC Berkeley News
by Robert Sanders

A UC Berkeley postdoctoral fellow hoping to develop wearable sweat sensors for better health monitoring and a young assistant professor who helped pioneer “deep learning” to create more dextrous robots are among this year’s top innovators under 35, a list compiled each year by MIT Technology ReviewTwo electrical engineering and computer science Ph.D. alumni — Alex Hegyi, 29, now at Xerox’s PARC, and Oriol Vinyals, 33, now at Google DeepMind — also graced the list.


An Affordable Approach to Hyperspectral Imaging
2 August 2016 | Novus Light
by Dave Wilson

Many different types of hyperspectral imaging systems are currently deployed in a range of applications including remote sensing, machine vision, surveillance and security, and defense. However, despite their novel abilities, they have found a limited market due to the size and expense.
Now, researchers at PARC, led by Dr. Alex Hegyi, have developed a new novel hyperspectral imaging system that could be added at minimal cost to existing camera sensors, such as those commonly found in cell phones and other consumer electronic devices.


Trying to Break the U.S. Energy System for Its Own Good
ARPA-E is trying to shake up the 100-year-old U.S. energy system
19 August 2015 | Bloomberg
by Eric Roston

Lithium-ion batteries, which power computers and electric vehicles, are too heavy, expensive, and wasteful. That's a particularly big problem when it comes to packing many batteries into something small like a car. The units are pressed together, cell by cell, which makes individual components difficult to monitor and manage...
PARC is embedding fiber optic sensors into batteries to measure their temperatures and the strains that come as they expand and contract during use.