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Ethernet Still Going Strong
Thirty years after Ethernet was born in a memo by Bob Metcalfe, experts say the networking technology's best days may be to come.
| eWeek
by Paula Musich

"Ethernet, that ubiquitous networking standard, turns 30 years old this week. Ethernet was born in a memo by Metcalfe proposing the networking technology circulated at Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center May 22, 1973. In the three decades since, the technology has seen many changes, a trend thats likely to continue."


New Tools for Instant Wireless Networks
| CIO Magazine
by Christopher Lindquist

"PARC has developed technology it hopes will allow network administrators to quickly deploy wireless systems without compromising security. ... 'gesture-directed automatic configuration'...permits two devices - say a laptop and wireless access point - to identify each other and automatically configure a secure channel in less than a minute."


PARC, Texas group team on flat panel displays
| Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal

"Uni-Pixel Inc. entered an agreement with the Palo Alto Research Center Inc. (PARC) to collaborate on developing and commercializing flat panel display technology. PARC works with both micro-electro mechanical systems and display technologies and will provide its expertise to Uni-Pixel's development efforts."




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