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Software Guides Museum-Goers
12 June 2002 | Technology Research News
by Kimberly Patch

"'The overall approach of generating text from a database of descriptive elements could have many uses,' [PARC researcher Paul] Aoki said. '...walks through historic districts, botanic gardens, historic houses. Another example might be an audio restaurant guide that knows you care about parking and price...'"


Cryptography For The Masses
27 May 2002 | Computerworld
by Gary Anthes

"'Cryptographic operations will disappear into the infrastructure,' predicts Tom Berson, a principal scientist at PARC. 'Encryption will be seamlessly integrated into virtually every computing device and piece of communications software.' PARC researchers have several projects under way to encourage the use of encryption."


CHI 2002 - Changing the World, Changing Ourselves
PARC -- Still cool after all these years
6 May 2002 | Boxes and Arrows
by Lyle Kantrovich

PARC's experimental browser 'Popout Prism' "...provides an enhanced document overview alongside the web page that the user is browsing. The user can enter specific keywords they're looking for, and Prism creates large colorful boxes with the keywords in them ('popouts') wherever those keywords exist in the web page."


Reconfigurable Robots
PARC's Mark Yim shows off his robots, which reassemble themselves to slink like snakes, roll like wheels or scamper like lizards.
1 May 2002 | Technology Review
by Wade Roush

"To Yim, these..prototypes are early steps toward ...machines that adapt to new environments...by altering not simply their behavior but their very anatomy. 'Their ability to morph from shape to shape makes them ideal for unstructured situations, like search and rescue in bombed or earthquake-damaged buildings.'"


US firms grow UV LEDs on AlN
30 April 2002 | Optics.org

"Researchers at PARC and Crystal IS, a substrate supplier, have demonstrated what they claim is the first UV LED grown on a single-crystal aluminium nitride (AlN) substrate. According to PARC's Michael Kneissl, the growth technique used reduces the RMS roughness of the surface from 0.83 to 0.38 nm prior to deposition of a graded AlGaN:Si buffer."


Palo Alto Research Center and Crystal IS demonstrate UV-LEDs on AlN substrates
4 April 2002 | Compound Semiconductor Magazine

"An important application of solid-state UV optical sources is anticipated to be compact and highly sensitive bioagent detection systems for airborne pathogens like Anthrax spores. Other potential applications of UV LEDs include solid-state white lighting, sterilization and disinfectant devices, and compact analytical devices for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical markets."


PARC cited as one of the all-time top HCI research laboratories
31 March 2002 | Alertbox
by Jakob Nielsen

"A core group of elite corporate research labs (and a few universities) defined the field of human-computer interaction and established much of whatever ease of use we now enjoy. What do these lists of best HCI labs through history tell us? First, that Xerox PARC has been really good. It is the only lab to make the list every decade."


New Tools for Instant Wireless Networks
| CIO Magazine
by Christopher Lindquist

"PARC has developed technology it hopes will allow network administrators to quickly deploy wireless systems without compromising security. ... 'gesture-directed automatic configuration'...permits two devices - say a laptop and wireless access point - to identify each other and automatically configure a secure channel in less than a minute."


PARC, Texas group team on flat panel displays
| Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal

"Uni-Pixel Inc. entered an agreement with the Palo Alto Research Center Inc. (PARC) to collaborate on developing and commercializing flat panel display technology. PARC works with both micro-electro mechanical systems and display technologies and will provide its expertise to Uni-Pixel's development efforts."


Ethernet Still Going Strong
Thirty years after Ethernet was born in a memo by Bob Metcalfe, experts say the networking technology's best days may be to come.
| eWeek
by Paula Musich

"Ethernet, that ubiquitous networking standard, turns 30 years old this week. Ethernet was born in a memo by Metcalfe proposing the networking technology circulated at Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center May 22, 1973. In the three decades since, the technology has seen many changes, a trend thats likely to continue."




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