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Modular self-reconfigurable robots


A modular reconfigurable robot is one that consists largely (or entirely) of identical components which can be assembled into many topological configurations. These different configurations generally equate to a different physical forms - each with different abilities and limitations. A modular self reconfigurable robot (MSRR) is one that is capable of transforming between different configurations without assistance. This talk discusses the competitive advantage that employing MSRRs, rather than traditional robots, could bring to the ADF in modern Land Warfare. It also introduces one particular MSRR, PolyBot, that is being developed in conjunction with the US Defense Forces.


Eldershaw, C. ; Yim, M. H. ; Duff, D. G. ; Roufas, K. D. ; Zhang, Y. Modular self-reconfigurable robots. Robotics for Future Land Warfare Seminar and Workshop, Defence Science Technology Organisation; 2002 May 23-24; Adelaide; SA; Australia.