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Self-assembled out-of-plane high-Q integrated inductors


Self-assembled high-quality (Q) factor, 3-D inductors were batch-fabricated. The out-of-plane geometry reduces eddy current and skin effect losses. Coils achieve Q-factors over 70 on both glass and 15-20 O-cm Si at 1 GHz. 3-D coil LC oscillators had 12.3 dB lower phase-noise versus spiral coils. Encapsulation affected neither phase noise nor Q-factor.


Fork, D. K. ; Chua, C. L. ; Van Schuylenbergh, K. ; Lu, J. P. ; Griffiths, B. Self-assembled out-of-plane high-Q integrated inductors. IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting Technical Digest; 2002 December 8-11; San Francisco, CA. Piscataway, NJ: IEEE; 2002; 479-482.