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Sparrow Web: group-writable information on structured Web pages (demonstration)


Sparrow Web is a server-based software tool that supports the creation and customization of group-writable Web pages. Templates in each page define the data schema and layout of that page's group-editable data items. Using different templates, page authors produce Web pages that support many tasks, including task lists, co-authored documents, bibliographies, home pages, faculty directories, and project lists. While lacking the rich UI of dedicated information-sharing applications, it is successful at supporting a variety of groups and tasks because it integrates information-sharing into Web pages, leveraging the affordances of the Web for supporting group work.

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Bier, E. A. ; Pier, K. A. Sparrow Web: group-writable information on structured Web pages. ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2003) - Extended Abstracts; 2003 April 5-10; Fort Lauderdale; FL. NY: ACM; 2003; 634-635.


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