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Implementing restriction for Urdu complex predicates


This paper continues the discussion of the restriction operator (Kaplan and Wedekind, 1993) and whether it can provide a linguistically adequate solution to the problem posed by syntactic complex predicate formation. The solution introduced here has been implemented as part of an on-going project aimed ath the development of a computational grammar for urdu and can be shown to model the linguistic facts of syntactic complex predicate formation as described by (Alsina, 1996) and (Butt, 1995). This also allows for a straightforward extension to related phenomena in other languages such as German, Japanese, Norwegian, and French.


Butt, M.; King, T. H. ; Maxwell, J. T. Complex Predicates via Restriction. Proceedings of the LFG03 Conference; 2003 July 16-18; Saratoga Springs; NY; USA.