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Ultraviolet InAlGaN multiple quantum well laser diodes


We report on ultraviolet InGaN, GaN and InAlGaN multiple-quantum-well (MQW) laser diodes grown on sapphire substrates. Pulsed threshold current densities near 5 kA/cm2 have been achieved for InGaN MQW laser diodes with emission wavelength between 368 nm and 378 nm and continuous-wave opera-tion of ridge-waveguide devices with threshold currents of 85 mA and output power of more than 3 mW. We also demonstrate room-temperature pulsed operation of InAlGaN MQW laser diodes emitting at re-cord short wavelength of 360.3 nm. Light output powers greater than 80 mW under pulsed current-injection conditions (pulse duration 100 ns, repetition frequency 5 kHz) and differential quantum efficien-cies of 3.9% have been achieved.


Kneissl, M. A. ; Treat, D. W. ; Teepe, M. R. ; Miyashita, N. ; Johnson, N. M. Ultraviolet InAlGaN multiple quantum well laser diodes. Physica Status Solidi. 2003; 200 (1): 118-121.