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Improvements on ant-routing for sensor networks


Ad-hoc wireless sensor networks have been an active research topic for the last couple of years. Sensor networks are distinguished from traditional networks by characteristics such as deeply embedded routers, highly dynamic networks, resource-constrained nodes, and unreliable and asymmetric links. Ant-routing has shown good performance for communication networks; in this paper, we show why the existing ant-routing algorithms do not work well for sensor networks. Three new ant-routing algorithms are proposed and performance evaluations for these algorithms on a real application are conducted on a routing simulator for sensor networks.

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Zhang, Y. ; Kuhn, L. ; Fromherz, M. P. J. Improvements on ant-routing for sensor networks. Fourth International Workshop on Ant Colony Optimization and Swarm Intelligence (ANTS 2004); 2004 September 5-8; Brussels; Belgium. Berlin: Springer Verlag; 2004; LNCS 3172: 154-165.


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