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Particle simulation of traveling wave gel electrophoresis


This paper describes a 3D particle model to simulate traveling wave gel electrophoresis. The model is initially validated for protein migration in both IEF and SDS-PAGE phases of a conventional 2D gel electrophoresis run. Model predictions are verified against two sets of sample proteins. Results from simulations and experiments agree very well for SDS-PAGE. The discrepancy in the IEF dimension is a DC off-set attributed to the model's assumption of a linear pH gradient along the IPG strip. Gel distortion and swelling together with non-linear pH gradient, will contribute to the discrepancy. The in silico model is successfully used to predict protein migration with traveling wave electrodes, and can therefore be used to optimize electrode design and to guide hardware fabrication.


Lean, M. ; Hsieh, H. B. ; Voelkel, A. R. Particle simulation of traveling wave gel electrophoresis. 3rd International IEEE-EMBS Conference on Microtechnology in Medicine and Biology; 2005 May 12-15; Honolulu; HI; USA.