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Chip on glass bonding using StressedMetal™ Technology


Chip-on-glass (COG) interconnections require finer pitch to handle denser displays with more integrated driver chips, particularly for mobile devices. We report recent developments utilizing tiny micro-machined springs to replace ACF (anisotropic conductive film). Liquid, ultraviolet light–cured adhesives permit the attachment of chips to the glass without heating. We fabricated and tested daisy chain test vehicles with 800 spring contacts on 20 µm pitch.

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Fork, D. K. ; Chow, E. M. ; Chua, C. L. ; Hantschel, T. ; Van Schuylenbergh, K. ; Jagerson, T. ; Wong, L. ; Geluz, V. Chip on glass bonding using StressedMetal™ Technology. 2005 SID International Symposium Digest of Technical Papers; 2005 May 24; Boston; MA. San Jose: Society for Information Display; 2005; XXXVI, Book 1: 534-537.


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