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Status and opportunities for high efficiency OLED displays on flexible substrates


OLEDs are an ideal technology for electronic display applications. They are fabricated by depositing very thin films of organic materials at low temperatures (<100OC) to form bright, vivid power efficient self-emissive light producing elements with fast response times that can be grown on a variety of large area substrates such as glass, plastic or metal foil. These properties make OLEDs ideally suited to enable high information content flexible displays. In particular, the application of phosphorescent OLEDs leads to very low power consumption displays â€" a key requirement for mobile applications. In this paper we outline our progress towards developing low power consumption, active-matrix flexible OLED (FOLEDâ„¢) displays. Our work is focused on integrating three critical enabling technologies: high efficiency long-lived top emission phosphorescent OLED (PHOLEDâ„¢) device technology, flexible active-matrix backplanes, and thin film encapsulation


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