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Fluid interface for personal digital libraries


An advanced interface is presented for fluid interaction in a personal digital library system. The system employs a zoomable planar representation of a collection using hybrid continuous/quantum treemap visualizations to facilitate navigation while minimizing cognitive load. The system is particularly well suited to user tasks which, in the physical world, are normally carried out by laying out a set of related documents on a physical desk --- namely, those tasks that require frequent and rapid transfer of attention from one document in the collection to another. Discussed are the design and implementation of the system as well as its relationship to previous work.


Good, L. ; Popat, A. C. ; Janssen, W. C. ; Bier, E. A. A Fluid interface for personal digital libraries. 9th European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries (ECDL 2005); 2005 September 18-23; Vienna, Austria.