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Capacity of MIMO mobile wireless ad hoc networks


We compute the capacity of wireless ad hoc networks when all the nodes in the network are endowed with $M$ antennas. The derivation is based on a new communication scheme for wireless ad hoc networks utilizing the concept of cooperative many-to-many communications, as opposed to the traditional approach that emphasizes on one-to-one communications. We show that the upper bound average asymptotic capacity of each cell is (2pi P_t M C_{cell} [1-exp(-frac{C_{cell}}{ heta})] ), for network parameters $C_{cell}geq 1$, $0 < heta < 1$, and transmit power $P_t$.


Yu, X., de Moraes, R. M., Sadjadpour, H., and Garcia-Luna-Aceves, J. J. Capacity of MIMO mobile wireless ad hoc networks. International Conference on Wireless Networks, Communications and Mobile Computing (WirelessCom 2005); 2005 June 13-16; Maui; HI; USA.