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A basic logic for textual inference


This note describes a logical system based on concepts and contexts, the system TIL for textual inference logic. The system TIL is the beginnings of a logic that is a kind of ``contexted'' description logic, designed to support local linguistic inferences. This logic pays attention to the intensionality of linguistic constructs and to the need for tractability of inference in knowledge representation formalisms.


Bobrow, D. G. ; Condoravdi, C. ; Crouch, R. S. ; de Paiva, V. ; Kaplan, R. M. ; Karttunen, L. ; King, T. H. ; Zaenen, A. A basic logic for textual inference. Proceedings of the AAAI Workshop on Inference for Textual Question Answering; 2005 July 9; Pittsburgh; PA; USA.