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Traveling wave particle separation in fluidic cell


This paper describes a traveling wave method for particle transport and separation in a fluidic medium. Prior work has resulted in the design of a particle concentrator capable of in excess of 100X concentration factor. A design of a purification cell by cascaded functions of concentration, focusing, and separation is described. Embodiments of the purification cell include: constant volume; flow-through with higher volume; and constant volume with recirculating transport for higher purity concentration. Potential applications include: preconcentrator front-end to detection in bio defense; water supply monitoring for utilities; food toxicology; blood plasma separation; cell enrichment; and native protein purification.


Lean, M. ; Lu, J. P. ; Limb, S. ; Daniel, J. H. ; Voelkel, A. R. ; Hsieh, H. B. ; Solberg, S. E. ; Preas, B. T. ; Gulati, S. Traveling wave particle separation in fluidic cell. 5th World Congress on Particle Technology; 2006 April 23-27; Lake Buena Vista; FL.