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Perceptual organization in semantic role labeling


Documents are produced for the purpose of human interpretation. Human perceptual factors have played an important role in the design of documents --- from the development of glyphs and scripts to the layout of visual components. OCR technology allows recovery of textual content from images of text but does not recover visual imformation encoded in layout. We explore the role of perceptual organization in the interpretation of documents and related computational challenges. A useful application area is semantic role labeling: the problem of assigning semantic roles to visual or textual structures in documents. We present a generic $A^*$ search formulation that has been applied to reduce search times by orders of magnitude in a semantic role labeling problem.


Sarkar, P. ; Saund, E. Perceptual organization in semantic role labeling. Symposium on Document Image Understanding Technology, 2005, Maryland; 2005 November 2-4; College Park; MD; USA.