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Grammatical machine translation


We present an approach to statistical machine translation that combines ideas from phrase-based SMT and traditional grammar-based MT. Our system incorporates the concept of multi-word translation units into transfer of dependency structure snippets, and models and trains statistical components according to state-of-the-art SMT systems. Compliant with classical transfer-based MT, target dependency structure snippets are input to a grammar-based generator. An experimental evaluation shows that the incorporation of a grammar-based generator into an SMT framework provides improved grammaticality while achieving state-of-the-art quality on in-coverage examples, suggesting a possible hybrid framework.

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Riezler, S ; Maxwell, J. T. Grammatical machine translation. Human Language Technology Conference - North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics Annual Meeting (HLT-NAACL'06); 2006 June 5-7; New York; NY; USA.


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