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Jet printing flexible displays


Jet-printing is an interesting patterning technique for electronic devices because it requires no physical mask, has digital control of ejection to provide drop-on-demand printing, and provides good layer-to-layer registration. Jet-printing has the potential to reduce display manufacturing cost and enable roll-to-roll processing. Additive and subtractive jet-printing processes combine to provide flexibility in the choice of materials and structures that can be fabricated. Particularly for additive printing, new materials and processes must be developed. These printing techniques are described and illustrated with small prototype printed displays on glass and plastic substrates, using both amorphous silicon and polymer semiconductors.


Street, R. A. ; Wong, W. S. ; Ready, S. E. ; Chabinyc, M. ; Arias, A. C. ; Limb, S. ; Salleo, A. ; Lujan, R. A. Jet printing flexible displays. Materials Today. 2006 April; 9 (4): 32-37.